Dog Pension

trace_chien A trial day (if possible)

We’ll take care of your dog for a trail day to allow us to meet him and for him to get to know the surroundings.
The advantage for his next visit, is that he will recognize the place and will be more comfortable.
Cost of a trial day: €15


trace_chien A modern habitat

Your dog will stay in  closed inside stalls, heated in winter and between seasons, also with outdoor enclosure.
He may share his enclosure with a dog of the opposite sex if compatible
We will obviously put the dogs of a same owner  together.

trace_chien Green surroundings and daily walks

Our boarding-kennels are  set in over 10,000m2 of forest in which we have large fenced enclosure. Your dog may go out several times a day to run freely, with or without other  dogs depending on their characters.

In the summer for example, he can spend 4  to 5 hours in the shady parks therefore getting away from the heat.

trace_chien Quality food

We feed the  dogs with high quality dry food but will give your dog his usual food if you provide it.

trace_chien Medical treatment

If  your dog is under medical treatment, we can continue to give it to him. In case  of a problem, we will contact your vet or the vet that we usually work with.

For dogs immunization record is required.