The owner must read and accept the following conditions :

1)-All reservation is accepted once the deposit has been paid. In case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable if cancelled less than 30 days before the reserved entry date, otherwise the deposit shall be partially put towards your next visit to the kennel.  In case of retrieval before the agreed date, the remaining days are charged, unless the kennel is warned at least 15 days before the agreed departure date. Also, in case of extension of stay without at least 7 days warning, the daily rate will be doubled. During school holidays, a 7-day period minimum will be charged

2)- Let us know approximately what time you expect to enter and depart the kennel.

3)-For an entry or departure outside opening hours, an extra 25€. tax incl. will be charged.

4)- We are unable to accept bitches on heat; thank-you for understanding.

5)- Please bring following material : health booklet  & collar. If possible, treat the animal against parasites before his entry.

6)- Any dog must have been vaccinated at least 15 days but not more than a year before entry against :

Carre, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirosis, kennel cough (PNEUMODOG). We must be in possession of the animal’s health booklet. TATTOO OR MICROCHIP IS OBLIGATORY.

All visits to the vet will be billed 50€

7)- Our clients agree to tell us in the contract of any problem that their dog may present, especially behaviour-wise or physiologically.

8)-  The stay in the kennel does not include grooming.

9)- In case of illness, the person in charge of the kennel agrees to treat the animal,however declines responsibility in case of death. Extra charges may be billed to the animal’s owner(treatment, injury or accident, check-up for biter, medecines, special food, travel costs, etc…) THAT ARE NOT COVERED BY OUR CONTRACT LIABILITY.

10)- The animal is considered to have been abandoned by his owner :

a)- if he has not been claimed 15 days after the agreed departure date mentioned in the contract

b)- if the bill has not been paid within 8 days

in case of an abandon, the kennel will make it’s own arrangements concerning the animal.

11)- The bill must be fully paid upon the departure of the animal. If not, the kennel will exert it’s right to retain the animal until complete payment .

12)- In case of  dispute, the competent court will be that in the legal district of the kennel or court mediator

For your attention:

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